Allied Healthcare - Cardiff



Tasked with repositioning of partition walls and complete redecor of interior our 'Mobile Team' arrived in Cardiff to refurbish an existing working office ready for its conversion to a NHS helpline call centre. The scope of works was carefully planned to work around existing staff and a heavy training schedule within the offices.

First task was to rip up and remove carpet tiles occupying 80% of the office space. With decorators carrying out the all important preparation work including filling, sanding and primers, specialist server removal staff were disconneting and taking away a large UPS unit.

cd 4

Main call centre room stripped of floor tiles, Note the wall on right hand side to be removed and repositioned in another part ofthe office


cd 5

Office staff continue their work as rip out nears its conclusion


cd 7

 New carpet tiles laid and data poles in place


cd 12

 NHS Call centre ready to go